Work With Me

When you’re stuck working in rather than on your business, you don’t have the time to think strategically, create a plan and make things happen. It can be really hard to translate your vision into the concrete, day-to-day things you need to be doing. That’s exactly where I help.

Our work together, whether over months, a half-day intensive, or something in between, gives you the dedicated time and brain space you need to focus on what matters and start taking action.

Working with me is different for each business, because my work is completely customized! Let’s schedule a call to see how we might work together.

Here are some of the areas we can work on:

  • Business Strategy- revenue streams, engaging new and existing customers, honing your target market

  • Pricing and Services- examining your pricing, designing and launching new offerings

  • Operations and Systems- designing and leveraging systems for saner day-to-day operations

  • Building your Team- recruiting and hiring, onboarding, and coaching

  • Difficult Conversations- having real, tough conversations with clients, vendors, and others

  • Managing Yourself- addressing the ‘accidental manager’ problem that so many entrepreneurs face, and developing clarity on your goals for yourself within the business

Generally, we’ll begin with my Breakthrough Program, a three-month engagement. In our launch meeting, we’ll explore your current business challenges, identify priority areas and key issues, and generate an action plan for the next 90 days. From there, we’ll meet weekly for several weeks to help build and keep momentum in your progress, and then we’ll meet biweekly. I’m available by phone and email throughout, too!

And, if three months isn’t the right length of time for our initial engagement, we can develop a customized plan together.